Tablet or Phone Holder

Watch your favorite Fluidity Barre class with our masterfully engineered Tablet-Phone Holder. Securely attaches to the wooden barre and fits most tablets/phones (maximum width 7.5 inches). The secure arm allows for 360 degree rotation and bends at 2 individual joints for multiple viewing angles.

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  • Easily and securely attaches to your Fluidity Barre
  • USB Port can be accessed while device is secure
  • Detachable and replaceable clamp holder

  • Plastic/Aluminum/Rubber

  • Approximately 16" long when fully extended
  • Package is 12 ¾ X 5 X 2 ¼ inches; Weighs 1.63 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

"The Tablet Holder just makes sense. Easy to use and makes loging on and watching the Online Classes a no brainer. Plus product is very well constructed"


"This tablet holder is pure genius! It is so easy to attach to my Fluidity Barre and I love how I can position it so many different ways. It doesn't matter if I am standing or sitting on the mat, I can always see everything. This is a must have for the Fluidity Barre."


"This device is a game changer for my Fluidity workouts. This Tablet holder lets me watch my Fluidity workouts without having to look at a tv. I love that I can use it whether I am standing or seated. It is definitely a must buy!!"


"The Tablet/Phone Holder lets me use the Fluidity Barre in any space in my house our outside on my patio. Incredible well contstructed. I highly recommend it."


This is great to attach to the Fluidity Barre to be able to watch the online classes up close. Delivery was fast too!