12-week success stories

changing lives one body at a time


Lost 24 lbs and 8 inches off her thighs in 12 weeks

"I love my thighs! My body flows. I have a dancer's body and it's the body I've always wanted."


Lost 40 pounds in 16 weeks

"My results have been phenomenal!"


Lost 12 lbs and 8 inches off her thighs & hips in 12 weeks

"Fluidity make you feel like a true woman - a very tone, sexy woman."


Lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks

"The last time I had a body like this, I was probably 16"


Lost 60 pounds over 7 months with Fluidity

"It's a workout that I'll do for the rest of my life."


Lost 23 pounds and 5 inches off her waist in 12 weeks

"I've never felt this in my whole life! I feel powerful and I feel sexy"


Lost 125 pounds over 12 months with Fluidity

"I've lost 125 pounds and the only thing that's restructured my body is the Fluidity method."


Lost 30 lbs and 7 inches off his waist in 12 weeks

"I lost 30 pounds! My waist went from a 37 inch waist to a 30 inch waist."


Lost 28 pounds in 12 weeks

"I totally flatten out the front and I noticed a nice rounded shape in the back, which I never had before."


Lost 15 pounds and 11 inches off her waist in 12 weeks

"Seriously, it's been 20 years since I've been seen in something sleeveless."


Lost 19 pounds and 101/2 inches off thighs and hips in 12 weeks

"My husband asked me how I did it. I've never had such a long and lean body before. It's amazing that you only need your own body weight, Michelle's instruction and the Fluidity Bar."


Lost 12 pounds and 7 inches off her waist, hips and thighs in 12 weeks

"I tried yoga. I've tried Pilates. Nothing gave me a total body workout like Fluidity."

"Fluidity is the gold standard of corrective movement."