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The Road
To Fluidity

How Founder Michelle Austin Created The Fluidity Barre System

Lotte Berk

Lotte Berk

Creator of the Original Barre Workout

Lotte Berk was a Jewish German Ballerina that fled Nazi Germany in 1935 to London. She injured her back and worked with an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Wall Mounted Ballet Barre to design the Original Barre Workout in 1959.

Lotte Berk and Michelle Austin

Michelle & Lotte

Training With Lotte

Michelle Austin trained with Lotte Berk in London and taught at the Lotte Berk Studio on Madison Avenue, New York City.

Michelle Austin with her dad and the first Fluidity Barre prototype

The Fluidity Prototype

Out of Dad's Basement

Michelle asked her father, a PHD in Physics, to design the first and only free standing ballet barre that not only mimics a wall mounted ballet barre that supports 360 degrees of movement, but is also height adjustable.

The Fluidity Barre received a patent. Since then, Michelle has worked with MIT engineers and has been granted several more patents as she continues to be at the forefront of barre technology.

unbalanced pelvis

Misaligned Pelvis

Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Lotte Berk is famous for teaching Barre with a “tuck”. This trained people into a posterior tilt which unfortunately caused misalignment and injury. Too many Barre Studios still do this.

Balanced neutral spine

Aligned Posture

Neutral Pelvis

Michelle Austin uses the Fluidity Barre to train users in all directions, concentrating on acquiring a Neutral Pelvis. This trains for both true function and beauty.

Michelle Austin Penn State Alumni Fellowship Award

Alumni Fellow

Recognition from the Science Community

Michelle was decorated with the highest award of achievement at the youngest age ever given from Penn State University for her work in Kinesiology, the science of human muscular movements.

Fluidity Barre Stretch

Over 500,000 Users

Helping People Look & Feel Their Best

Fluidity has sold over 500,000 Barres and Michelle has received thousands of thank you letters from people with multiple dysfunctions ranging from incontinence, prolapses, balance issues, bad backs, hips, shoulders, and knees.

The Fluidity Barre and movement facilitated their recovery while making them beautiful in the process.

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