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Fluidity Barre

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Bend, oregon

I would buy it again!!

It's easy to use and a great workout for all levels!


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Houston, Texas

Outstanding workout

Haven't exercised in years saw your commercial and bought the program. Delivers what it promotes; saw results in 2 wk with just 2 sessions a week. Would like to see the exercise demonistrated on the tape before beginning the actual exercise it's a little difficult to know if you are lined up correctly just by watching the exercise. Recommend to all my friends.


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Fulffy(not any more!)

Mouth of Wilson, VA


I love it! I havent felt this eager to workout in years! I come home everyday and its the first thing i get out and do.


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Doctor T

Parker, CO 80134

I would buy this product again.

As a Naturopathic Doctor I have highly recommended the Fluidity Bar to my clients. It is a congenial system of training that allows for the unification of body, mind and spirit. It is an excellent piece of equipment that is well worth taking seriously by health professionals and the public at large if one wants to restore their own health balance in part through exercise. I personally feel this is a major contribution to the health field because of the strength of the Fluidity System to bring about an unlimited healing transformation through its holistic potential.


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Greenville, South Carolina

Results are amazing

I love the NYC Real Class series. I feel like I am actually in a NYC Fluidity class. Michelle is amazing at not only showing the position you should be in, but also explaining why it is so important to find that exact position. Listen to her because the results are amazing and I have learned so much about my own best body!

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Flat Back Ball Movement on Fluidity Barre
"Fluidity is the gold standard of corrective movement."