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Atlanta, GA

Great workout! Feel the burn!

I use the fluidity bar in between my gym workouts. It workouts completely different muscles. I love it!


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Tallahassee, FL

I Like, Like, Like It!

I'm looking forward to working out with the Fluidity bar on a regular schedule. So far I've only worked out twice due to a very hectic schedule. As soon as things are better with my mother's health, I plan to work out with the bar every third day. The times I did work out has inspired me. I believe this is the workout for me because of my age and the medical condition I have. Thanks so much Fluidity.


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Naperville, IL

Love working out with friends

The Dual Deluxe Fluidity Barre allows for my friend and I to workout together. If we agree on a time she shows up and I get the support I need to do a workout with a friend. The Barre is extremely well made, the online classes are very well done and something I think will last a lifetime. Very happy with my purchase.


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Davidson, NC

The Dual Deluxe Fluidity Barre is phenomenal!!!

I did my research for a home barre that was not only well built, but something that was also height adjustable. Trust me, there is nothing out there that compares to this barre. A tremendous bonus was that Fluidity offers the Dual Deluxe model, so my daughter and I can do our barre workouts together.


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Rincon, GA

Nice Upgreade

I actually owned the Original Fluidity Barre and gave it to my daughter for college. I then upgraded to the Deluxe Fluidity Barre and am so glad I did. It rolls and opens so easily. Its stability is first rate. The Deluxe Fluidity Barre is definetly a step up. I feel like I hit the jackpot when I found this barre and the online classes are better then any Barre studio I have been to.

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