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New Class Released Weekly

Original Class Series

With Michelle Austin

Join our founder and CEO, Michelle Austin, as she introduces the foundations of the Fluidity Barre movement. Michelle’s acclaimed verbal queuing will assure proper form. Plus, the balanced choreography will integrate muscles to work together from head to toe, front and back, resulting in a beautiful streamlined figure that is truly functional.

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Real Class Series

Signature Barre Studio Class

Our New York City Real Class Series workouts will take your workout to the next level. Our signature choreography is designed to train your body in all planes of movement to create balance in the body and evolve your strength and flexibility to a whole new level. These workouts will completely transform your body shape far more efficiently than anything else on the market. It’s a total game-changer.

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Express Series

Less time with great results

In a rush, we have you covered with our Express Class Series. Less in time, but these gems of a workout deliver with real results! Standing and integrating your body allows for many more muscles to be worked in far less time. To experience it is to be a believer.

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Body Parts Series

Targeted routines for focused results

Looking to accelerate results in your target zones, then this series is for you. Our world-class Fluidity Instructors will guide you through workouts that will precision-sculpt traditional problem areas such as the arms, legs, seat, and abs.

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New Class Released Weekly

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Monthly Plan
$18/Mo With Barre Purchase
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