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Fluidity Seat and Thigh DVD

Fluidity Seat & Thigh

Michelle Austin guides you through positions that will slim the front of your thighs while developing muscle tone in traditionally weak spots like the hamstrings and seat. This workout will precision-sculpt your thighs lean, develop the graceful curve in your lower back and lift your seat to look tight and firm.

  • Fluidity Seat & Thigh (21 min.)
  • 7.5" x 5.3" x 5"
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"The Seat and Thigh DVD was a wonderful addition to add to my Fluidity collection. I can honestly say you will feel the burn, but wow does it work. It is highly effective. I promise you will see and feel the results sooner rather than later."

, -Verified User

"Fluidity Seat and Thigh really works your booty and legs. Since doing this class, I am more confident about my backside, and stronger, and it is my go-to workout when I need that "lift."

, -Verified User

"If you want to tighten your butt and thighs AND reduce cellulite this is the video for you. I think I've had this for a month and my cellulite is reduced about 50%. I see my butt getting more round as well. I will be buying more fluidity workouts, I'm very happy!"

, -Verified User

" I didn't think fluidity workouts could get any better and then I found the Fluidity Seat and Thigh dvd. After only 4 weeks, I can truly say this workout actually helped lift and tone my butt and define my thighs. Michelle Austin is a genius."

, -Verified User

"This class is the best taregted Fluidity class. It is intense, but the results are out of this world. My legs have such definition and tone since doing this class, and have I mentioned by butt hasn't looked this good since high school."

, -Verified User

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