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Grippy Socks

6 reviews

Our non-slip socks give your feet traction on the mat and barre, helping you to maintain proper form and balance throughout your workout.

  • Combed Organic Cotton
  • Midweight Terry Footbed
  • PVC Grip, Compression Arch Support
  • Padded Ankle Rest
  • 62% Organic Cotton
  • 20% Nylon
  • 11% Polyester
  • 4% Elastane
  • 3% Elastodiene
  • Small: US Women's: 6-8, US Men's: 5-7
  • Medium: US Women's: 8.5-10.5, US Men's: 7.5-9.5
  • Large: US Women's: 11-13, US Men's: 10-12
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"These socks are AMAZING !!!! They grip the Fluidity mat perfectly. I love the support and cushion these grippy socks give me, they are so comfy when they are on I can't even tell I'm wearing them."
- Ella Ray, Verified User
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- Kendra, Verified User
5 star rating
"These socks are nice and soft. The grips are well constructed and I am incredibly satisfied with this purchase."
- Jackie, Verified User
5 star rating
"Socks are very well made. The material is soft and the sizing is true to my shoe size. They fit my feet perfectly. Definitely a must buy."
- Ginny, Verified User
5 star rating
"These socks are fantastic. They grip the mat and barre with no problem at all. I would recommend these grippy socks to anyone who does barre."
- Dana, Verified User
5 star rating
"I have tried many different grip socks for barre, but nothing compares to the Fluidity grippy socks. The fit is perfect and even after 10 washes, they still grip like I just took them out of package. Love my grippy socks."
- Becca, Verified User
5 star rating
"I like that these are full fitted socks, but I can barely tell I am even wearing them. The grips make me feel secure doing any movement on my Fluidity Barre. Highly recommended."
- Jana, Verified User
5 star rating
"These socks are so soft and fit my feet perfectly. Thought I would use them just for my Fluidity workouts, but I find myself weraing them all day, they are so comfy."