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Fluidity 4 In 1 DVD

4-1-1 NYC Real Class Series

Our New York City Real Class Series I, II, and Ill workouts represent some of our most popular choreography from our Fluidity health club classes in New York City. Our signature choreography is designed to train your body in all planes of movement to create balance in the body and evolve your strength and flexibility to a whole new level. Fluidity Stretch is 26 minutes of pure stretching - aahhh! Include this workout in your daily routine as stretching is a great way to release tension in your body and increase your overall body awareness.

  • Real Class I (60 min.)
  • Real Class II (63 min.)
  •  Real Class III (49 min.)
  • Fluidity Stretch (26min.)
  • 7.5" x 5.3" x 5"
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"I love this workout! It's a well-rounded exercise program that works deep into the muscles and works all the major muscle groups. I especially like the stretches after each group of exercises as opposed to all the stretches at the end of the workout. Three different levels of intensity are shown which is great because i'm at different levels depending on what group of muscles are being worked."

, -Verified User

"I love the NYC Real Class series. I feel like I am actually in a NYC Fluidity class. Michelle is amazing at not only showing the position you should be in, but also explaining why it is so important to find that exact position. Listen to her because the results are amazing and I have learned so much about my own best body!"

, -Verified User

"Beautifully put together. This exercise regimen will give you a evenly tone body. No bulky muscles, no killing yourself or becoming out of breath, just smooth, intelligently focused exercises that work. I bought this about 5 years ago and it is still my favorite exercise routine. You only have to do it three times a week for 2 weeks and you'll see a difference."

, -Verified User

"The NYC Real Classes are hands down the best Barre classes available. They are my go to classes every week. And the Stretch class that is included in this DVD is my favorite. I actually do the stretch class everyday, just because it is so beneficial for my muscles. I feel more flexible than I have in years."

, -Verified User

"Love my fluidity bar!! After 1st use I noticed a difference. I use to work out 1-1/2hrs. On treadmill and never noticed a change. After 36-minute video my legs looked more toned. Of course, my legs shook the first 2 times but the more you do the workout it gets easier."

, -Verified User

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