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Fluidity Ball

Fluidity Barre Ball

Measuring in at 8 1/2 inches, the Fluidity ball is the perfect size to target specific areas during your Fluidity workout, providing enough of a challenge yet giving you the stability needed.

  • Comfortable 8 1/2 inches in diameter when inflated
  • Slightly textured surface to easily stay in place while performing your Fluidity workout
  • 100% Natural Rubber Latex
  • 8 1/2 inches (Inflated)
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"The size of this ball is perfect! The material is soft and doesn't slip when in use."

, -Verified User

"If you are looking for the perfect size ball for barre workouts, this is it."

, -Verified User

"Best barre ball. It is the perfect size."

, -Verified User

"I have had this ball for 2 years now and it still looks like it just came out the box. Great quality product."

, -Verified User

"This is exactly what I needed to intensify my Fluidity workouts, Fluidity thinks of everything."

, -Verified User

"This ball is easy to inflate and very durable, It is the perfect size and has a great texture, so it stays where you put it. I have used it with my Fluidity workout for 3 years and it has held up beautifully."

, -Verified User
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