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Dual Deluxe Fluidity Barre

4.82 Rating

The Dual Deluxe Fluidity Barre allows a pair to do a barre workout simultaneously or solo. Each side is independently height adjustable. This barre features the strength and rigidity of a wall-mounted barre in a completely portable, freestanding unit. Its patented design allows you to work against the resistance of your own body weight and the barre in all directions – the key to developing whole-body strength and flexibility and the long, lean lines of a dancer’s body.

  • Independently Height Adjustable on each side
  • Arrives Fully Assembled
  • Folds Up For Easy Storage + 4x Swivel Wheels for Ultimate Portability
  • 400 lbs. User Capacity
  • Designed BY MIT Engineers
  • Solid Wood Barre
  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Footprint When Open Use: 51.65" x 110.20"
  • Footprint When Closed:51.65"x 19.13" x 32.13"
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Verified Review Symbolsecure
June 16, 2021
Verified Customer


Naperville, IL

Love working out with friends

The Dual Deluxe Fluidity Barre allows for my friend and I to workout together. If we agree on a time she shows up and I get the support I need to do a workout with a friend. The Barre is extremely well made, the online classes are very well done and something I think will last a lifetime. Very happy with my purchase.


Verified Review Symbolsecure
February 6, 2021
Verified Customer


Blue Bell, PA

Great for Couples

The Dual Deluxe makes it so easy for my husband and I to workout together. My husband is using it to rehab after an ACL surgery. His doctor reccommended Fluidity. I use it for a Barre workout. What's crazy is the Online Videos deliver both in the same workout. All the classes have three levels and deliver unbelievable results for both rehab and beauty. I can not recommend this product enough


Verified Review Symbolsecure
May 18, 2021
Verified Customer


Davidson, NC

The Dual Deluxe Fluidity Barre is phenomenal!!!

I did my research for a home barre that was not only well built, but something that was also height adjustable. Trust me, there is nothing out there that compares to this barre. A tremendous bonus was that Fluidity offers the Dual Deluxe model, so my daughter and I can do our barre workouts together.