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The Fluidity Difference

Fluidity has helped thousands of users develop longer, leaner bodies with irresistible curves in just two 30-minute workouts a week.

The results are real because the science is real.

Fluidity combines the sciences of physiology and kinesiology with the graceful art of ballet to create an exercise method that is profoundly changing lives.

Muscle engagement of woman on leg extension machine.

The problem with traditional workouts

Physical motion is made possible by kinetic chain movements: the connection between your nerves, muscles, and bones that must work together. They are often referred to as open or closed kinetic chain movements.

Traditional workouts like Weight Lifting and Pilates are mostly open kinetic chain movements. Open kinetic chain exercises are typically performed in a non-weight bearing position and your arm or leg is free to move. Exercises like these isolate single muscle groups/joints and takes 5 to 6 hours to activate 630+ muscles that compose the body.

Muscle Engagement of woman in 4th position using the Fluidity Barre

fluidity muscle integration

In contrast, Fluidity Barre predominately uses Closed Kinetic Chain movements performed in a weight-bearing position with the hands and/or feet fixed to an object or the ground.

In just 30 minutes, Fluidity efficiently activates over 630 muscles resulting in a balanced physique, improved alignment, increased joint stabilization, and enhanced neurological coordination.

By proportionally developing your muscles with whole-body, weight-bearing movements, Fluidity Barre stimulates rapid change and creates a longer, leaner body.

burn more calories than cardio
Graphic of number of hours the body continues to calories after cardio vs fluidity workouts

burn calories more: Fluidity vs. cardio

Studies have proven that strength training is a more efficient way to lose weight than cardio.   An exercise routine based solely on cardio will burn fat and calories, but it will also decrease lean muscle mass.

In comparison, strength training programs like Fluidity increase lean muscle mass, which helps to supercharge the metabolism. Strength training causes tiny tears in the muscle tissue that the body heals in a process called "After Burn." This process continues to burn calories up to 48 hours after a Fluidity workout versus just 2 hours with cardio. Fluidity users burn calories even in their sleep.

back of the body


The key to a beautiful, pain-free body is proportionate strengthening developed in proper alignment. Traditional workouts like Weights, Pilates, and Yoga mainly focus on the front of the body.  By failing to develop the back sufficiently, these exercises could eventually lead to pain, bad balance, and pelvic issues.

Fluidity Barre trains the entire body, developing your muscles front to back, side to side. This method of training creates a proportionate, strong, and beautiful body - 360 degrees.

By strengthening both the posterior and anterior, Fluidity workouts help:

  • Improve Posture
  • Improve Pelvic Floor Function
  • Tone The Hamstrings
  • Lift and Firm The Butt
  • Develops Your Best Figure In the Least Time
pelvic stability core strength
3 examples of unbalanced pelvis'


Pelvic stability and core strength are vital for a healthy body's function and mobility. Sitting for extended periods, uncomfortable sleeping positions, stress, pregnancy, and old injuries can cause pelvic instability.

A misaligned or imbalanced pelvis cannot adequately support the spine. This loss of spine integrity can lead to poor posture, lower back pain, or a collapsed pelvic floor (the primary cause of urinary incontinence).


Fluidity can help restore pelvic stability and core strength. Rehabilitation begins with Fluidity's focus on a neutral pelvis position. This method appropriately aligns the spine with the pelvis, enabling optimal movement between the pelvis and the legs.

Regain and protect function and mobility with just two 30-minute Fluidity workouts per week.

True functional training


Modern-day habits like hunching over a desk, carrying oversized handbags, and sitting for long periods make it easy to fall out of proper alignment.

Fluidity Barre Functional training
restores the body from these patterns of movement by involving multi-dimensional, weight-bearing movements that improves our alignment, balance, stability, and mobility.

Popular “functional trainers” like stability balls and wobble boards demand the user seek “stability”. In other words the user is forced to strengthen in to their bad posture making their balance worse. Only a very small percentage of the population has an involuntary neutral pelvis position and can in fact uses these devices without injuring themselves. Unfortunately Elders are pushed these devices only to worsen their balance.

Fluidity Barre workouts are designed to help you build and maintain correct alignment throughout each routine. These whole-body, weight-bearing movements begin and end with proper alignment which facilitates an involuntary neutral pelvis. This is the key to reversing poor posture habits, developing strength, balance and optimizing our physical function in everyday life.

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