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Reinvent Yourself in Two 30-Minute Workouts a Week

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Tallahassee, FL

I Like, Like, Like It!

I'm looking forward to working out with the Fluidity bar on a regular schedule. So far I've only worked out twice due to a very hectic schedule. As soon as things are better with my mother's health, I plan to work out with the bar every third day. The times I did work out has inspired me. I believe this is the workout for me because of my age and the medical condition I have. Thanks so much Fluidity.

Fluidity Band Movements

Engage 630+ Muscles in one Fluidity Workout

Fluidity Barre vs. Traditional Workouts

Muscle Engagement of woman in 4th position using the Fluidity Barre

Fluidity workouts engage multiple muscle groups and multiple joints at once

Traditional workouts isolate a single muscle group and a single joint

Shape of the United States with 500,000 users

Reinvent Yourself in Two 30-Minute Workouts a Week

* Number of hours the body continues to burn calories after a workout
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