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The Ultimate Fluidity Bar System Includes Your Fluidity Bar with Mat, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DVDs, Ball, Pump, Bands and Healthy Eating Guide.

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The Fluidity® Bar

Patented worldwide for its design and functionality, the Fluidity Bar with Mat is designed by MIT engineers, supports up to 300 pounds, and folds down to just 4" for the ultimate portability.
You'll feel results immediately and start to see results in just 10 days.

Fluidity Bar - no assembly required. The Fluidity Bar supports up to 300 lbs.

Beginner Workout

Fluidity founder Michelle Austin guides you through Fluidity’s beginner movements with foolproof instruction that guarantees you proper form and maximum results.

Intermediate Workout

Take your workout to the next level with intermediate positions and resistance bands to intensify your upper-body workout.

Advanced Workout

The ultimate whole-body challenge! Evolve your workout to a whole new level of intensity with advanced movements and the Fluidity Ball, designed to increase the challenge while adding a little fun.

Fluidity Ball, Pump and Resistance Bands

The Fluidity Ball is designed to make even our most advanced Fluidity positions more challenging and fun. Therapeutic movements with the Resistance Bands develop functional strength in the complicated shoulder joint where weights just won't cut it.

Fluidity Ball, Fluidity Resistance Bands and Fluidity Ball Pump

FluidityFit Guide to Healthy Eating

Boost your energy, strengthen your immunity and accelerate your workout results with our nutritional guidelines to living a healthy and delicious whole foods way of life.

What's inside FluidityFit. 1. Why Whole Foods are Important. 2. Macronutirents: How They Work. 3. Daily Servings Guidelines. 4. Putting the Plan into Practice. 5. Track Your Results.

Stubborn love handles give way to a carved-out waist and flat, sculpted abs.

A sexy, toned back that curves gracefully into a higher, lifted seat.

Smooth muscle tone on firmer, leaner thighs and calves (front AND back).

Added Bonus: A healthy dose of that balletic self-confidence and poise!

Resistance Bands develop functional strength in the complicated shoulder joint where weights just won't cut it.


Muscle Integration

Working your body the way nature intended.

Fluidity's whole-body, weight-bearing technique integrates muscles to work together the entire
length of the body - front and back. This integrated movement activates nearly all of your 630-plus muscles and stimulates your body to change.
Results happen quickly.

Fluidity Deluxe kit just $14.95 for a 30 day trial. Plus Free Shipping on your Fluidity Bar.

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