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A $100 Value
This DVD includes Real Classes I, II, III and Fluidity Stretch.


Fluidity Real Class DVD

New York City
Real Class I DVD

Mastered our Instructional DVDs? Take your workout (and your results!) to the next level with our New York City Real Class Series Real Class I.

$24.95 + S&H

Fluidity DVD featuring Fluidity Classes in NY

New York City
Real Class III DVD

Complete your Real Class weekly rotation with Real Class III for the rotation gym-goers rely on for fast and effective results.

$24.95 + S&H

Fluidity DVD Club

Fluidity Seat & Thigh DVD

Accelerate your lower-body results and eliminate cellulite with this quick, but intense 20-minute workout to lift your seat and firm your thighs.

$24.95 + S&H

Fluidity 3-in-1 DVD with Ball, Pump and Bands

Fluidity 3-in-1 DVD with Ball, Pump & Bands

Already a Bar owner? Start with our 3-in-1 Instructional DVD and DVD accessories.

$104.80 + S&H

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Fluidity's Real Class DVD

New York City
Real Class II DVD

At 63 minutes, Real Class II is the ultimate whole-body challenge for even our most experienced Fluidity users!

$24.95 + S&H

Fluidity Stretch DVD

New York City
Fluidity Stretch DVD

26 minutes of pure aahhh. Include Stretch in your daily routine to help release tension in your body and increase your overall body awareness.

$24.95 + S&H

Fluidity 3 in 1 DVD

Fluidity 3-in-1 DVD

This DVD includes our Beginner (30 mins); Intermediate (37 mins); and Advanced (42 mins) Fluidity Bar workouts.

$59.95 + S&H

All of our Fluidity workouts requre the Fluidity Bar.
To shop our Fluidity Bar system and receive our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced DVD workouts, Ball, Pump and Bands for free.